Refunding Client

In a situation where you cannot deliver on the job, you can refund your client’s payment. To do this, follow these steps

  1. On the Work page, click Refund Client on the ongoing job you want to take this action. 

    Refunding a client

  2. On the pop-up message, read through the instruction and state the reason you want to refund the client.

    Refunding a client

  3. Then click Refund

Note: Please note the following penalty clause when you issue a refund to the client:

  1. You will be charged 2% of the cost of the job as a penalty if any of the following are true:
    • You applied for this job through WorkStore
    • You get this job from PromoStore
    • You sent a custom quotation to the client while they had a direct one-to-one chat with you, and the client ordered the job through the custom quote you sent to them
    • If you did not check ‘Contact me before you order my job’ on your selling account dashboard and the client ordered from packages on your profile page. 
  2. The buyer will be charged 7% of the cost of the job as a penalty if they order a freelancer's package directly from their profile without contacting the freelancer, when 'Contact me before you order my job' is checked.