Breaking Quote Milestones

Breaking Quotes into Milestones

If the project you are sending quotation for is complex you may break your quotation to multiple milestones, using a combination of quote lines and space, for your client to order them at different time. For example, if you have a website development project, you can choose to break the project down into:

  1. purchasing of domain name and hosting
  2. design of website and
  3. SEO optimization of the website.

With this approach, for example, you will have 3 different projects you can CashOut at different times, without having to wait for the entire project to complete.

How to Break Quotes into Milestones

To break quotes into milestones, follow these steps.

  1. On the Quotation, form click Add quote line to add another milestone

    Breaking quotes into milestones on TERAWORK

  2. Add more milestones.

    Breaking quotes into milestones on TERAWORK

  3. After including all the milestones, click Send Quote